Research Areas

Animal Advocacy: The Next Thirty Years
The Nonhuman Rights Project is on the cusp of gaining legal rights for chimpanzees, pachyderms, and cetaceans. Around the nation more laws are being passed to restrict human use of animals. How might we imagine the development of legislation and legal rulings in the next three decades? A discussion paper will be published in 2019.

Black Veganism
Exploring the work of cultural theorists Aph and Syl Ko and A. Breeze Harper, “Black Veganism” is a joint project with other organizations to celebrate writers of color imagining a vegan future of the United States through the lens of race, culture, and restorative justice. A festival is planned for 2020.

Cellular and Plant-Based Meat
An overview of current and emerging technologies, a speculative analysis of market and social acceptance of such products, and a reflection of how such technologies might be integrated into agriculture and food production. A policy paper, Beyond the Impossible, was published in July 2019.

What might a conservative and vegan vision of the United States look like—one not confined to “alt-right” white identity politics or narrow regionalism? A discussion paper will be published in 2019, featuring interviews with vegan conservative theorists.

The Sea
How might we reconceive of the oceans of the coasts of the U.S. in such a way that protects marine life, creates jobs, and fosters resilience against storm surge and rising sea levels? A discussion paper will be published in 2019.

Urban Policy, Climate Resilience, and Food Security
A vision for urban environments that integrates food justice, climate resilience, and public health using New York City as a model. A discussion paper will be available in 2019 for comments and revision.